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YOUNG MONEY® magazine helps young adults gain financial literacy, learning the basic financial and entrepreneurial skills they need to succeed now and in their future.

To maximize the learning value of our magazine, InCharge® Education Foundation has developed YOUNG MONEY Classroom. This is an instructional resource that high school teachers can use to further learning opportunities in their classroom setting. In each issue, you and your students can expect to read—discuss and think about—money management, investing, careers, financial aid, entrepreneurship, technology, travel, and more.

YOUNG MONEY magazine is delivered six times throughout the school year—September, October, December, January, March, May.

By participating in YOUNG MONEY Classroom, you will get each issue:

• A Classroom Set Subscription that includes 20 copies of the magazine

• Four Learning Activities that focus on particular articles in the magazine that are of most interest/relevance to our high school students.

Each Learning Activity includes a Teacher Guide, which highlights how you can enhance student mastery over a topic, and an associated Worksheet(s) that a student can use to expand that mastery.
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