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You and Your Attitude

What You Say about Money

Expression that says a lot—That person has an “attitude.”

─   Can be positive or negative

─   Attitude drives our relationships with people–and our relationship with money

Attitudes reflect our state of mind.  Taking a positive attitude toward money is a first step toward positive “financial wellness”

We can take that positive attitude and work it through goal setting, decision making, and good planning into more control we have over our finances, for ourselves and our families


What’s an example of a Financial Attitude?

    “It’s only money.”

    “I know I should …”

    “I just can’t save money.”


What are some descriptions?

    Spenders (hardest time saving money)

    Hoarder(don’t use money for the purposes it was invented)

    Builders (fail to leave a margin of error)

    Impulse buyers (shoot the budget/shopping list to bits)



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