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Teacher Resources

  • ASEC
    ASEC works through its partners to educate Americans on all aspects of personal finance and wealth development, including credit management, college savings, home purchase, and retirement planning. ASEC's goal is to make saving and planning a vital concern of all Americans
  • Jump$start Coalition
    Jump$tart's purpose is to evaluate the financial literacy of young adults; develop, disseminate, and encourage the use of standards for grades K-12; and promote the teaching of personal finance.

  • NEFE
    This "action area" of the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®) was created to provide Americans with practical money-management skills and an introduction to financial planning through course work that covers the fundamentals of money management.

  • Credit Compass Classroom
    We believe that Credit Compass can help individuals of all ages learn the basic financial skills they need to succeed financially. To this end, we have made Credit Compass available for your use on both CD-ROM (which you can order from the InCharge Education Foundation) and on-line at And to make Credit Compass an effective educational tool for teaching financial literacy to our youth, we have developed this Teacher’s Guide and a Student Workbook to accompany the CD/Web site.