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Spending Power

Want to learn how to make your hard-earned cash go further? Learn how to spend less--and how to make the most of your savings!

Part of the Mind Your Finances personal finance workbook series, this easy-to-follow guide can show you how to get more out of your money. You'll learn:

  • How to start saving more today with our 46 Ways to Cut Expenses.
  • A five-step process for creating a spending plan that will create wealth from your savings.
  • The most financially valuable thing you can do with money you’ve saved.
  • Why it's vital that you always know how much money you owe, at what rate, and how much longer you have before it is paid off.

This workbook is the perfect way to learn how to put your money to work for you!

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Get a Clue!

How to Prepare a Spending Plan

A spending plan can help you stay out of debt, save money and avoid impulse spending, give you a cushion for unforeseen expenses.

Saving Workbook!


The what, why, where and how of saving - how to create your own savings plan - customized to your financial goals and the amount you're able to save each month.