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Debt Traps and

     How to Avoid Them

Ever wonder how debt can add up so quickly, yet take forever to pay off? Learn what you can do today to avoid debt problems tomorrow!

Part of the Mind Your Finances personal finance workbook series, this easy-to-follow guide can show you how to:

  • Organize your credit accounts & understand your statements.
  • Understand your credit history and how it affects you, plus how to get your credit report & examine it errors.
  • Wean yourself off of your credit cards.
  • Live within your means by not buying what you cannot afford.

Plus, you'll learn tips on how to handle your credit accounts, like the importance of paying on time and paying more than the minimum, resisting the urge to apply for new credit, and the dangers of the balance transfer game. Don't let debt traps get the better of you--get your workbook today!

How Much Debt Is OK?

How much debt can you reasonably carry? Using credit to finance routine purchases or to splurge on extras can be a sure sign of poorly managed personal finances.


Credit Workbook

Mind Your Finances e-Learning

Learn how to manage your money & credit through a series of interactive challenges!