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Credit Booster

This easy-to-understand workbook takes the mystery out of credit scoring--it's the perfect way to maintain or rebuild your credit!

Credit Booster leads you through a step-by-step process designed to enhance your knowledge of credit and management of your debt. With emphasis on planning and achieving financial well-being, Credit Booster is a valuable learning tool perfect for consumers of all ages and features sections including:

Credit and You--Presents an overview of the purposes and characteristics of credit as a useful tool to help you realize given lifestyle goals.

Assessing Your Financial Status--Helps you focus on some important components that affect your personal financial standing. Topics include Where Do You Stand? Where Does All the Money Go?, and Making Sense of Your Financial Situation.

Assessing Your Debt Status--Outlines how your financial and credit status is assessed in standard measures that others can use to determine whether or not to extend you additional credit. Topics include Understanding Your Credit Report & Credit History and Understanding Your Credit Score.

The Fix is On!--Helps you begin the real work of taking the right steps to improve your credit status. Here you will start taking the actions necessary to reduce your debt load and rebuild your credit reputation with topics like Setting Your Financial Goals, Budgeting, and Removing Mistakes from Your Credit Report.

Special Cases--Addresses three specific situations that are particularly difficult to resolve, which are Building Credit When You Do Not Have Any, Building Credit After Divorce, and Building Credit After Bankruptcy.

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Credit Workbook

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