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What's the difference between a bank and a credit union? Should I open a checking or a savings account? Get answers to these question--and more!

Part of the Mind Your Finances personal finance workbook series, this easy-to-follow guide can help you:

  • Distinguish among financial institutions.
  • Choose the best checking account for you.
  • Create a saving plan.
  • Learn about your longer-term savings options.

This workbook takes the mystery out of banking. Learn the differences between banks, credit unions, savings & loans, and investment companies & brokerage firms. Plus, learn the differences between NOW accounts, Lifeline accounts and special accounts. From day-to-day financial needs to long-term savings planning, let this guide teach you all about banking.

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Saving: Getting Started

So,you've learned how to budget and how to plan. Now it's time to learn how to save. You might be saying , "How can I save money when I can barely make ends meet?" Here are some tips to get started.


Credit Workbook

Mind Your Finances e-Learning

Learn how to manage your money & credit through a series of interactive challenges!