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Goal Setting

  • Achieve Your Financial Goals
    A financial goal is something you're willing to work for. The best way to reach your goal is by planning - and following your plan. Here's some advice on getting started with financial goal-setting.
  • Developing a Financial Goals Chart
    Part of the challenge in achieving your financial goals is to be able to visualize yourself achieving them. Here's how to use a financial goals chart to get you on the path to success.
  • Why Is Goal-Setting Important?
    For people who achieve what they intended, goal-setting is the one thing most have in common. Learn from their success....

Preparing a Budget

If the mention of the word 'budget' makes you groan, think of it not as some nasty chore or way to deprive yourself, but as spring cleaning!


Get a Clue!

The Power of Compound Interest

The sooner you start to save, the greater the benefit of compound interest. We show you the dramatic effect that compound interest can have on your savings over a 40-year period.


Saving Workbook!


The what, why, where and how of saving - how to create your own savings plan - customized to your financial goals and the amount you're able to save each month.