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Marriage and Divorce

  • Credit Issues and Divorce
    In divorce, who suffers more financially, women or men? Divorce has significant impact on the financial situations of both spouses as they divide assets and establish separate households.

  • Debt And Divorce
    If you've recently been through a divorce or separation - or are facing the possibility - there are several urgent issues to consider when it comes to credit.

Common Questions About Credit And Debt

Used wisely, credit is a sound financial tool. Used foolishly, credit can cost a lot in interest and fees, and put you at risk financially.

How Much Debt Is OK?

How much debt can you reasonably carry? Using credit to finance routine purchases or to splurge on extras can be a sure sign of poorly managed personal finances.


Credit Workbook

Mind Your Finances e-Learning

Learn how to manage your money & credit through a series of interactive challenges!