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Saving for the Kids

  • Elementary Money Lessons to Teach Children
    Most children who are not prepared find out very quickly - often during their first year of college - all the mistakes that can be made.
  • Financial Planning For New Parents
    Dramatic changes in one's life often require a reassessment of one's personal finances. And few events have a more profound impact on one's life and finances than the arrival of a first child.
  • The Cost of Children
    Hopefully during the last nine months, you and your partner have thought things through financially and created a budget as your were preparing for the blessed event. The decisions to make are enormous and they cannot only affect your life but the life of your newborn child.

Successful Money Management Skills

How some basic skills in budgeting, developing a spending plan and goal-setting can be the foundation for a solid financial future.

Preparing a Budget

If the mention of the word 'budget' makes you groan, think of it not as some nasty chore or way to deprive yourself, but as spring cleaning!


Saving Workbook!


The what, why, where and how of saving - how to create your own savings plan - customized to your financial goals and the amount you're able to save each month.