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Taxes and Tax Strategies

  • Top 10 Common Income Tax Mistakes
    Many people dread this time of year - filing for income taxes. Before just going through the motions of filing this April, be sure that you are up-to-date on some very common mistakes made by income tax filers every year.
  • Tax Credit for Low (and Middle?) Income Earners
    Beginning in 2002, low-income taxpayers can reduce income taxes by as much as $1,000 by contributing to a 401(k) savings plan, or an IRA, including a Roth IRA.

Saving: Getting Started

So,you've learned how to budget and how to plan. Now it's time to learn how to save. You might be saying , "How can I save money when I can barely make ends meet?" Here are some tips to get started.


Get a Clue!

What's Up With Your 401(k)?

For the past five years your retirement account grew dramatically - but now you're experiencing dramatic losses. Why is that?


Saving Workbook!


The what, why, where and how of saving - how to create your own savings plan - customized to your financial goals and the amount you're able to save each month.