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Saving & Investing

  • College Planning -
    How to finance a college education using grants, loans, scholarships, work-study programs, savings plans, and other resources, plus how to manage your money in college to avoid graduating with burdensome debt.
  • College Planning -
    The cost of college is a source of anxiety parents everywhere. However frightening the skyrocketing costs of sending a child to a top-tier private college, there's good news.
  • College Planning -
    Helpful resources and worksheets on investing for college, 529 plans and student loans.
  • Investing for Students - Young Money Magazine
    Investing articles and resources for college students and young adults, including a free stock market game.
  • Investing for Beginners -
    A good place to start for beginning investors - Investing 101 many other basics to help understand the stock market, bonds, mutual funds and inseting strategies.
  • Investing for Women - iVillage
    Tips for women on getting started in investing, with helpful resources on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investment clubs, taxed-deferred strategies, and more.
  • Paying for College - Motley Fool
    Overview of available investment options to finance your child's college education - with features on the Coverdell ESA plan and 529 savings plans, plus a college savings plan comparison chart.
  • Paying for Education - iVillage
    Tips for women on saving for college, student financial aid, student loans and related tax issues.
    Comprehensive resource covering all aspects of college financial planning inlcudes the ability to search for specific programs available in your state.

What's Up With Your 401(k)?

For the past five years your retirement account grew dramatically - but now you're experiencing dramatic losses. Why is that?


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Mind Your Finances e-Learning

Learn how to manage your money & credit through a series of interactive challenges!