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Mortgages and Loans

  • Home Buying for Women - iVillage
    Tips for women on home buying and mortgages, property insurance, bargain decorating, remodeling and renovating, and home maintenance.
  • Mortgages and Loans -
    Advice on choosing the best mortgage, managing your mortgage and home equity loans, private mortgage insurance, car loans, student loans, payday and other loans.
  • Real Estate -
    Resources on buying or selling a home include a home-buying primer and a seller's checklist, plus tips on home improvement and managing your home equity.

Do You Qualify?

Mortgage Qualification Factors

When a lender reviews your loan application, they'll look at these factors to determine if you're mortgage-worthy.

Credit Workbook

Mind Your Finances e-Learning

Learn how to manage your money & credit through a series of interactive challenges!