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Getting Out of Debt

  • Organize Your Credit Card Statements
    Do you find yourself paying late fees on your credit card bills? Or trouble finding your statements when you know bills are due? The solution is simple: organize your bills!
  • Solving Your Debt Problem
    Managing debt takes persistence and dedication, but once you rein in your debt you'll be glad you did!
  • Common Deceptive Credit Practices
    Deceptive or misleading practices are everywhere. The aim is to make you pay more than you should for goods and services, or make you pay for things you don't need.
  • What's Dangerous about Credit Repair?
    Credit repair companies often make illegal or false claims to lure consumers. They target people with poor credit histories or recent bankruptcies who may have difficulty getting new credit or loans.

How Much Debt Is OK?

How much debt can you reasonably carry? Using credit to finance routine purchases or to splurge on extras can be a sure sign of poorly managed personal finances.


Preparing a Budget

If the mention of the word 'budget' makes you groan, think of it not as some nasty chore or way to deprive yourself, but as spring cleaning!


Debt Workbook!

Debt Traps & How to Avoid Them

Learn the top ten pitfalls that can get you in debt trouble, plus how to develop a foolproof plan for avoiding these debt traps!